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american school varna
"Formed in the spirit of dynamic growth, revolutionalizing education and intellectual pursuits."

The mission of the American Middle/High School of Bulgaria is to provide a professional and revolutionary learning experience for students who need to complete their high school education. We are committed to providing an appropriate-to-grade-level, and an academically comprehensive curriculum which supports the different learning styles and pace of our students.


The curriculum is carefully chosen to allow students to achieve their full potential and to be fully prepared for the diverse world of work.  Our professional and in-house trained staff will guide students every step of the way in achieving their goals and in succeeding in every aspect of their learning.  


Our graduates have a guaranteed acceptance from one of the most prestigious universities in London, which is free of charge of all European Union members. Additionally, our diploma is accepted at universities worldwide. Our graduates are studying at universities in Holland, Turkey, Lithuania, Croatia, Austria, the United States AND Bulgaria (the Medical University).


Our mission is supported by our policy that allows students who can demonstrate their knowledge of the English language at a B2 level or higher (with or without an actual certificate) to enroll in the program.


Please note that English Express will continue to offer students English preparation courses during the summer months, which are tailored towards our school porgrams.  To learn more about English Express, visit us at or visit our page in Facebook at English Express Varna.





We are strong believers that education is at the core of our lives and thus, it deserves our utmost attention.  It is our responsibility as parents and educators to ensure that our children, our future, are self-sufficient and able to survive in a very competitive world.  It is for this reason that we seek every opportunity to improve this education, to revolutionize it and keep it up-to-date with innovations in education and technology, but most of all, to keep it varied, effective, interesting and desirable.




Utilizing the latest in technology, education and innovative practices, we will prepare students for the future ahead.  


The world is now at everyone's fingertips, and there are those who are there to put it to good use.  Our mission is to help students explore the world, to learn new things, to broaden their horizons and to enable them to do all this without leaving Bulgaria. 



We understand that services are delivered daily, but we strongly believe that only quality service pays off at the end.  A quality education is one that will make the biggest difference in a person's future, and hence, it is important that a quality education is delivered by qualified staff.  We aim to inject the highest quality in all of the services we provide, because it is with quality that we plan to differentiate ourselves from the rest. 




The American High School of Bulgaria is a partnership of two of the finest sources of education that one could seek while living in Bulgaria.  It mixes the experience of a school that has been delivering quality education in Varna, Bulgaria for over 15 years, with that of a school that has over 15 years of experience in the US and that has become one of the leading providers of quality education. These two powerhouses will now flourish with the aid of local highly-qualified instructors.  The two forces united combine over three decades of experience in education which will manifest in a unique educational program at The American High School of Bulgaria.



Tradition guides us but often hinders our growth as well.  Why confine yourselves to a life laden with old beliefs and practices?  We feel that the time has come for the new generation to explore other avenues for obtaining their education; ones that don't confine them to a belief that education should be based on what it once was. Now that the Internet has eliminated physical boundaries, we should reach out to other developed nations in order to get an education that is revolutionary, useful and in alignment with our interests, skills, and personalities.  Most universities want a high overall score, high SAT test scores and high scores in college-level courses, regardless of the name of the high school.  The American High School of Bulgaria will help students do just that.  We will break the physical barrier and help students get the credentials needed to get accepted by the best universities around the world.



A bright future awaits the graduates of The American High School of Bulgaria because unlike many of the schools that sprout at every corner claiming to be the best in their class, the educational institution backing the American High School of Bulgaria has already proven its innovation, its excellence, and its expertise.  AHS and AHSB graduates have been admitted to some of the best universities.  All that students need to do is take the first step, and a bright future is theirs to be had! 



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