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Card Payments Made Possible at ASB!

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Thanks to myPOS!

Thanks to the generous donation of Mr. Christo Georgiev, the CEO and founder of iCard and MyPOS, we are now able to accept credit card payments, physically and virtually.


Five years into our journey, we are now finally able to offer you, our valued customers, what you have been asking us for - alternate payment options.

"myPOS provides integrated and affordable payment solutions, changing the way businesses accept card payments across all channels - at the counter, online and via mobile devices." - myPOS

Thank you again, our dear families, for entrusting the ASB schools and the English Express Language Center with your children’s education.

Most importantly, thanks to Mr. Georgiev for helping the American School of Bulgaria (ASB) to continue to offer an American education to the Varna community by providing these great services of convenience.

With the continued support from pillars of the community, like Mr. Georgiev, we hope to continue to expand and continue to be a trusted and known name in quality education, not just in Varna, but in all of Bulgaria.

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