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Halloween at AHSB!

We had a Howling Blast!

What can be more fun than dressing up and eating some delicious treats? This October, our middle-school students got the chance to dress up in various fun costumes and walked the halls of our new location trick-or-treating. Aside from the great candy (and healthy snacks they got), they had a great time showing off their creative costumes.

Thanks to our Ms. Vraikova, the creativity of the decorations was only matched by the creativity that the children showed in their amazing costumes!

A photo contest then ensued, and two winners tied for a prize. All in all, it was a great success and much fun for the children!

Congratulations to Maxi and Maxim for winning first place!

AHSB is where students flourish. They learn but they are also free to express themselves and be creative. We encourage our students to take time to have fun, to socialize, to move, and to be themselves!

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