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Well, it happened; we are faced with a near-apocalyptic event that is changing life as we know it. We wrote about it, read books about it, made movies about it, and we feared it, but were we prepared for it? Not really! Most people weren't, anyway!

So why wasn't AHSB adversely affected by this pandemic?

In 2015, AHSB took a huge leap when it introduced the concept of using innovative methods in education at a time when the idea was completely unthought of. Online testing? Using a Box cloud for submitting homework? Using digital graphing tools for Math homework and virtual laboratory experiments in Science? Those were all concepts that AHSB introduced while everyone else chuckled at such "outlandish" and progressive ideas. So, where did that get us?

Well, aside from a successful 5 years and over 20 graduates, we are now in the forefront of education. With ALL brick-and-mortar schools around the globe closing in order to prevent the spread of the virus disease, AHSB was well-equipped to weather the storm, and we simply switched to our online mode of delivery.

Our students will be some of the few around the world who will finish the school year on time.

Some may not see this as outstanding because in reality, what good is continuing to row when everyone jumped ship? We disagree! The benefits are, in fact, numerous! One day, the world will return to normal, albeit after many tragedies, and when it does, our students will return to their lives without having so much to catch up on. Added to that, keeping them busy as we did, we would have helped fill their time with something beneficial, which minimized the enormity of the tragic events around them, reduced their anxieties and helped them feel a sense of accomplishment. While other children may come out of this quarantine feeling socially anxious and behind the mark, ours will not. Our staff, who are experienced and dedicated to their students, will still be there when all this blows over, because they did not lose their jobs. The parents of our students will also have benefited considering that their children's education was not put on hold, and they did not have to deal with idle children who could have become lazy and complacent while lying around the house feeling helpless and restless. These are just a few of the benefits that AHSB afforded to everyone, and for that, we are immensely thankful and proud.

Let AHSB help your children continue their education despite COVID-19!

Now that the prolonging of school closures is imminent, don't let your children just sit idle around the house. Please give us a call or send us an email to inquire about registration.

Please note that the deadline to register has been extended to April 15th, 2020, and the deadline to pay all tuition fees without penalty is June 15th, 2020 for returning students and July 15th for new students.

Please keep your children safe at home!

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