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The first quarter of 2021 was full of fun!

Look what we have done!


It all started with our Ms. Hanna's birthday on January 25th!

Thank you for everything that you do for our students, Ms. Hanna!

February rolled around, then it was Ms. Zori's birthday on February 3rd.

Without Zori, we would all be lost. Thank you, Zori!

Soon thereafter, we began preparing for Valentine's day under Ms. Sonia's watchful and creative eye, and was that fun! The students made heart decorations and beautiful greeting cards.

Thank you, Ms. Sonia, for keeping the creativity alive! We all appreciate you!

Soon after St. Valentine's Day, the students went to work to prepare for the 1st of March, Baba Marta! We welcomed spring and loved every minute of it!

Independence Day on the 3rd of March then came along, and shortly after that, we celebrated International Women's Day on the 8th of March (Osmi Mart).

To all the amazing women in the ASB family, we wish you a long and amazing life filled with accomplishments, pride, and good health!

Despite the closures, and the orders that are forcing us back online, we will stay strong, and together, we will conquer our difficulties.

Great things will happen in May and June, so we are looking forward to the second quarter of 2021.

Stay Safe!

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