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american school varna
american school varna

Ms. Sue

Director of Education

american school varna


It is my pleasure to welcome you to this page and to our school.  Today, you may make what could be the most important decision of your or your child's life.  This decision will open up doors that were not thought of, perceived, or dreamed of before.  These are doors to a vast and prosperous future.  


I am an American citizen with 35 years of experience; 25 years as a senior IT professional in corporate America and 10 as the Director of the language school and business training center, English Express Varna.  The years I have spent in Bulgaria since 2007 were the most fulfilling of my entire career due to the fact that I spent them in close contact with Bulgarians from every age group and with every aspiration.  Those were people who allowed me not only to teach them a foreign language, software applications, business acumen, and the like but who also allowed me to motivate them, inspire them and share the best of myself with them. They are also the ones who helped me grow English Express from a small language school to a recognized name in the community.  Their trust, loyalty, and great recommendations earned the school a good standing in the community and a Bronze award by the British Council, Bulgaria in 2014.  


In the course of learning at English Express, many of the parent students have shared their desire to discover different facets of learning for their children, and it is for that reason that the idea for this high school took flight.  My strong desire to explore revolutionary educational avenues led me to enroll my own children in this same program to help them get their American High School Diploma from right here in Varna.  In addition, I am passionate about learning and this helped me obtain several degrees throughout my life, and now the time has come for me to share what I have learned.  


Using this new best-in-class educational experience, a program that is like no other in Bulgaria, I plan to ensure that the years to come are rewarding, educational, and enlightening for the future generation of Bulgarians. 


Thank you for entrusting us with your children's education and I hope to meet you in person soon.

american school varna
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