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Financial Aid is not currently offered, however, payment options are available for some programs.  


With the aid of community support, we hope to be able to offer scholarships and financial aid to students in the future


Please inquire with the admissions office about available payment options. 


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With the rising cost of quality education, we designed a program that is of great value for what it delivers.  Your tuition covers pre-assessments, all materials, guidance, career counseling, classroom instruction by AHSB-trained, English-proficient teachers; pre-evaluation of all written work, and test administration and is as follows:


  • The full High School Diploma Program: The cost is 6600 Euros per year - for a maximum of 6 subjects a year. A one-time 150 Euros Administration fee applies.  All additional courses are 1000 Euros per course. As of July 1st, these figures will increase to 6900 and 1300, respectively. 

  • For the 2022/2023 academic year, the full high school program will be offered as a distance-learning option (online education) at the same price as the regular on-site program. 

  • The full Middle School Program: The cost is 6600 Euros per year - for a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 subjects a year. A one-time 150 Euros Administration fee applies.  

  • The full Elementary School Program: The cost is 6600 Euros per year.  A one-time 150 Euros Administration fee applies.

  • AP College Prep Courses:  For a single course, aside from a one-time 150 Euros Administration fee, the tuition fee is 1300 Euros per course. All AP courses are remote, and the fee paid includes a one-hour consultation per week per subject and a review of project work only. The cost of 3 AP courses is 6500 Euros, and for 4 courses, it is 7000 Euros.  Please inquire for additional details. 

  • Hybrid Program:  The cost is 2600 Euros per year, for two subjects per year.  A minimum of the following seven subjects are required: 4 levels of English Literature, American History, American Government, and Economics (7 classes taken over 2, 3, 4, or 5 years starting in 8th grade.) During the last year of the program, either a subject of the students' choosing can be taken or an IELTS course. If students choose to take the last subject during the summer, the fee is 1600 Euros. 

  • SAT or ACT Test Prep course:  550 Euros

  • Diploma and diploma cover fee:  150 Euro (additional apostille and shipping charges apply.)

  • Graduation gown:  100 Euros rental. The cap, tassel, and diploma cover are our gifts to the graduates.

  • Graduation gala fee: 150 Euros (covers the student and two guests). 


In addition to the costs outlined above, the cost of attending an English Foundations course during the summer aimed at preparing students for admission is:

  • 1300 Euros for 48 hours spread over 9 weeks.

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