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First day of school in 2024




English Express, Varna has partnered with a giant in education - regionally, nationally and internationally.  With over three decades of combined experience, the partnership formed will offer a one-of-a-kind chance for students to obtain a fully-qualified US diploma that is recognized by hundreds of higher education institutions in the USA and worldwide.  


The Middle and High School programs have been used for decades by students around the world and it is now available in Bulgaria.  The concept is a simple one:  students enroll in US-based high school programs or college preparation AP/Honors courses and receive in-class education instruction in Bulgaria, without the need for TOEFL/IELTS or any other certification after graduation.  This is possible because unlike other schools which have been formed under similar principles, this high school program is taught ONLY in English and is assessed ONLY by American instructors based in the USA.


The end result is a glorified, fully-accredited high school diploma that will afford students the chance to apply to some of the best universities, both in the USA and in Europe.  

Many students have already graduated from AHSB, and we have their stories to share with you.

Although various technological tools are utilized at ASB, the instruction method is a traditional one, offering students the same atmosphere they are accustomed to by attending classes at a physical school, five days a week for the full high-school diploma, or afternoon and weekend classes for the AP/ honors or hybrid program (Dual Diploma Program).  The Hybrid program is designed to allow students to take only the 7 subjects needed to obtain their high school diploma, while concurrently attending their Bulgarian school.


The difference in instruction lies in the fact that the materials are delivered by only highly-qualified local instructors who abide by our high standards, which are governed by US qualifications.   In other words, students are taught by quality instructors who undergo rigorous training and scrutiny according to US criteria set for educators. 


This system offers students a revolutionary way by which to get assessed by the best-in-class educators in the USA, who are backed by years of experience and strict guidelines. The latest in testing platforms are made available to students to allow them to remain competitive and at the appropriate levels compared to their peers.

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