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We have a new logo!

Everything else stays the same!

The American High School of Bulgaria (AHSB) was established in 2015 in the city of Varna in the Chaika area. After a year-long project in 2014, AHSB was ready to welcome its first students in the 2015 Academic year.

We first started with the Hybrid program and two full-time students, and in only a year, we grew to 22 full-time students in 2016.

As we continued to grow, we noticed that there is a demand for a middle school, so we began welcoming students starting in 6th grade, only to learn shortly thereafter, that there is also a huge demand for an elementary program.

This year, we finally outgrew our Chaika location with the addition of 5th and 6th grades, and it became necessary for us to find another location. Although it was a huge challenge to accomplish after the school year had started, but after working weekends and evenings, we succeeded in finding, moving to, and completely equipping a new location in Mladost. Our new location is fantastic for our middle-schoolers. They have more space and much more to do. They love it, and so do we!

The Chaika location was then kept for our full-time high-school students, our Hybrid program students, and students of the English Express Language Center, where we now offer Bulgarian, Spanish, and German courses.


Due to these changes, we found it necessary to make some changes to the name that we operate under. Instead of using the name the American High School of Bulgaria, we will now use the name, the American School of Bulgaria, as reflected in our new logo, to refer to our family of schools, as follows:

  • The American High School of Bulgaria (AHSB) - covering grades 9 - 12

  • The American Foundation School of Bulgaria (AFSB) - covering grades 1 - 8

  • The American Pre-school of Bulgaria (APSB) - for children ages 4 - 6

Our logo changed slightly, but our quality education and attention to detail will never change!

Thank you for being a part of our ASB family!

This is where you can find us in the LM Office Center at Yan Huniyadi 31 in Mladost. Come for a visit! We would love to show you around.

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